The Symphony of your Brand: What does your Brand Mean?

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Your brand is more than just your logo and graphic representation.  Your brand is an inseparable multifaceted package that contains multiple factors.  More often, the term “brand” is a misused reference to logo, graphics, and graphic identity of their business.  The brand package of your business involves your logo, level of services, and architectural/interior design.  It is a package that creates an experience that your targeted audience has with your Restaurant or any other type of business for that matter.  But our discussion is targeted towards Retail, Restaurant, or any drinking establishment.

Each of these elements have a specific role that comes to play at a specific time to interact with your audience, with that in mind, one element does not have more or less value than the other. It is our belief that each element is equally as important to deliver a specific message or connection at a specific time. Think of this as a Symphony Orchestra as each instrument is cued at a precise time to deliver a specific note.  If just one instrument is out of tune or the cue and tempo is off, the whole performance is flawed and lost its anticipated performance by the audience.

How important is the performance of your brand’s symphony? Each of these elements have not more than 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention and connect with your targeted demographics. Based on statistics, you can check here, the average human attention span has dropped 33% to 8 seconds in the past 10 years.  A well-executed brand will have 8 seconds with their online presence to entice their targeted demographic to visit their restaurant or retail store. As far as your physical location, retail store, restaurant or lounge, the storefront design will also have the 8 second rule to attract your target.  There is no specific design solution, and there is no one size fits all.  The design team will need to study and analyze the specific message the brand is intending to deliver and execute a solution for the desired demographic the brand is targeting.  The architecture, Lighting, Graphics (signage etc.) and even the first point of contact with your employees or host at the entrance will need to be in perfect harmony.  In a restaurant setting, even smell and sound play a role, which the retailer Abercombie has counted on that sensory cue with the dreaded perfume smell outside of their stores.  Once that bond is created with your customers, it will need to maintain the connection by following through with proper interior atmosphere (brand continuity) followed by service.  The interior atmosphere, will dictates the length of this connection with your audience.  Textures, Sounds, Visual Cues, and amount of Lighting have a direct psychological effect on human emotion, as they are key elements in sex appeal and emotional gratification, which is the main objective of every brand to provide that personal satisfaction we crave and are fascinated with.

Design team will need to study, understand and analyze the brand as a whole and what message it delivers.  With that information, a specific solution will need to be applied to each element of the space.  What would be the amount of lighting? What type of lighting fixtures and lamping and color temperature, and what light levels at various times of the day and how will it be controlled?  What textures would be used? Each color taps into a specific psychological cue, and color selection cannot be taken lightly. The spatial volume or visual cues within the space and so on.  All of these elements will require a perfect harmony just like a symphony orchestra to deliver a specific message to maintain a bond with your audience.  The wrong ceiling height, color, or improper lighting design could make your brand the best customer repellent, even if you have a great product (Abercombie & Fitch: you can read about their concept change here). We can look at brands like APPLE, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, Chipotle and other successful big players having continuity throughout their brand, delivering what their targeted demographic desires.  Although they are all different concepts, but the design of the concept is a well calculated harmonious solution that delivers the intent/message of that specific brand for a specific demographic.

We would like to leave you with this advice. To deploy a successful brand, you will need a design team, (architects, designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, etc) that understands your brand’s message.  To deliver a harmonious solution for your brand, each member of your design team will need to be in tune with the others to maintain continuity in your brand’s message, in a way that is fluid and evolves with time.  10 years ago our attention span was 33% longer than today, market trends and needs have changed, and every brand should evolve accordingly.  You need to educate your design team on your services, employee interaction with customers, desired customer interaction, desired demographics, and it becomes the responsibility of your design team to deliver a solution that conveys your desired brand message.

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