Sustainable Restaurant Design and Sustainable Operations

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You’re thinking about the future and want to do your part of being a responsible chef or restaurant owner.  So you have your Prius or Tesla and hired the perfect design team that designed you a green, environmentally conscious restaurant; don’t get excited yet! That is only half the battle and your job of being a responsible citizen of this ...

Keeping Your Restaurant Concept Up To Date

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Your restaurant needs to get a fresh look and be more fluid in design.  What is a fluid concept? You need to listen to your market needs and demands.  Just like any other piece of equipment, or a high-tech gadget, a restaurant concept could and will become outdated and obsolete, if not maintained and regularly updated based on the current ...

The Symphony of your Brand: What does your Brand Mean?

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Your brand is more than just your logo and graphic representation.  Your brand is an inseparable multifaceted package that contains multiple factors.  More often, the term “brand” is a misused reference to logo, graphics, and graphic identity of their business.  The brand package of your business involves your logo, level of services, and architectural/interior design.  It is a package that …

Success of your Lounge or Restaurant: Maintenance a key element

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Maintenance Starts During Design of Restaurant: Once you have gone through the process of Design and Construction of your Restaurant or lounge, the key to the success of your business is in your hands and how you operate.  Your restaurant or lounge is not any different than a car or a machine, if anything it is more like a high performance …


Welcome To Our Blog!

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Hello and Welcome to our new home. With the launch of our new site we are excited to introduce this blog section as a form of delivering useful and relevant information to the sectors of Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment that our firm is specialized in. As you might have discovered by now, studio KONTEKSO, is a full service firm providing ...